Enabling intelligent digital transformation

DiGence® is a game-changing technology. It dives deep into your day-to-day business processes and gathers more data about your operations than any human mind can handle.

It will then generate unprecedented insights into your business. It will reveal the true pain points, inefficiencies and sneaky leaks that are hurting your profits and ability to grow.

It will establish your current digital maturity and also produce a technology roadmap that enables your digital transformation.

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Clarity on the way forward

  • Businesses often spend too much time firefighting, deep down in the hustle of the day-to-day. It can be struggling to pinpoint the root cause of the problems they face chronically.
  • DiGence® helps you to take a step back, assess everything objectively and holistically, and tackle problems at their root.
  • It will align your digital initiatives with your broader business aspirations and focus your digital investment on where it makes the most impact.

Modern approach to management consulting

  • Your digital transformations can only succeed when the initiatives are driven by a deep understanding of your current operations as well as target objectives. And that only comes from an objective analysis of your day-to-day processes.
  • Larger organisations often appoint traditional management consultancies to this mission. But since that can cost a fortune, it’s not a viable option for most SMEs.
  • DiGence® is a modern alternative to traditional management consulting that delivers the same results in days rather than weeks or months.
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Ultra-efficient data capture

  • Businesses often have plenty of day-to-day processes, know-hows, routines, scenarios and exceptions. Capturing and recording such data in the right way is key to ensure requirements are understood well, in order to lead a successful digital transformation.
  • DiGence® does this by providing a set of structured questions tailored to each standard business function. The questions are closed, quantifiable and measurable, specifically designed to be answered quickly and objectively.
  • Our consultants will efficiently go through those questions with your nominated employees to capture the data in a structured format and feed into DiGence®. This usually takes only 2-3 hours per department, meaning usually a couple of days to cover your entire business. That’s the only consultancy time you pay for, rather than weeks or months, making it affordable to most SMEs.

Insights into your business like never before

  • The data captured during the consultation process fuels the analytics engine of DiGence®. It uses sophisticated algorithms to generate valuable analytical information and insights to look into your business like never before!
  • It will establish both the current state of your business as well as its digital potential. The insights produced are data-driven, unbiased and objective. And as the data behind them is readily available, DiGence® will even allow you to dig down, challenge and verify everything until you’re satisfied. It’s business intelligence on steroids!
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A roadmap for action

  • Based on your results, DiGence® will automatically propose a technology roadmap for areas to improve across your business. This can be for specific functions, departments or even holistically, allowing you to unlock your digital potential at the right organisational level based on your business priorities.

“DiGence® is a no-nonsense, inexpensive and extremely effective way to drive your digital transformation journey forward and get ahead of the competition in this exceedingly digital world.”

Paymon Khamooshi Chairman, Geeks


Businesses get used to how they run things and your IT is no exception. Chances are if you review what is possible, there will an opportunity to improve things. It is worthwhile doing a DiGence® audit to gain full clarity on potential opportunities, even if you feel your current set up works well.
Before you start on a digital transformation project, you need to decide what areas of the business you actually want to change. This includes what systems need replacing, and what business functions need to be optimised. To make those essential decisions, it’s important to identify the right problem to solve first. DiGence® helps with finding the right problem to solve.

The structured questions in DiGence® are close-ended, quantifiable and measurable. They are specifically designed to be answered quickly and objectively, reducing both time and cost for your business.

The actual time will depend on the complexity of your operations. This can vary from one day for a small business, to a couple of weeks for a large one. Our consultants will do an initial scoping to establish that time from the outset. All you pay for is the consultant’s time at a competitive daily rate, making this practice affordable to businesses of any size


Not all of this process needs to be done with senior executives of your business. For every business function, you can identify and nominate employees with knowledge of that area. Our consultants will go through the structured questions with them, typically taking 1-2 hours per business function.

This will all be then reviewed time-efficiently in one to two meetings with your senior stakeholders to start from high level graphs and charts with the ability to dive down into the details of each area and make adjustments.

Thanks to automation and advanced technology, DiGence® is dramatically more accessible than traditional management consulting practices, which can be notoriously laborious and expensive. Also, it’s designed to be objective, data-driven and unbiased, making the results more reliable and free from politics and agendas.

As part of the DiGence® service, you will receive a detailed analysis of the current status for each department, business function, and even each specific business process. Along with this analysis, you will receive a report with data contrasting your current level of digital maturity vs the potential, as well as a technology roadmap with data-based actionable insights to improve your business.

You will also receive our consultation to help you digest the insights and recommendations and support you through the implementation journey should you wish to execute any of the recommended changes.

Most companies are wary of spending time and money on abstract consultations that often lead to no tangible outcomes.

DiGence® will help you avoid wasting time and money on solving the wrong problems. It will provide a map for the most efficient digital transformation journey to maximise value for your business. We can’t put a firm figure, but typically you can expect an ROI of 10-100X.

We may offer to sell you more services after this if we can be of help of course. But there is no catch. This is a standalone service from which you will gain great value. If you then choose to implement any of the recommendations that are within our area of expertise, of course, we would be delighted to be of service.

100s of digital transformation projects have succeeded with our award-winning approach...

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